• One tool and many tips?

No, each device is an individual device that performs its function.

It is,
Black Z-200RS = cleaning
Foam Z-011RS = foam
ADAPTER Z-300 + Black Z-200RS = cleaning and collection of thyme

  • How does the tool work?
The tools work from a compressor capable of producing 250l / min.
How to buy?
The first variant:
1. Choose a product
2. Put in the basket
3. Pay with PayPal or card
- Receive the product by courier

The second option:
1. Request an invoice with the selected product to e-mail
2. Pay
- Receive the product by courier

  • What and how to use chemistry?
Tornador is compatible with Koch Chemie professional car chemistry
The chemical concentrate must be diluted 1:10, where 1 is chemistry and 10 is water
To clean one machine, go up to 5 liters of diluted chemistry (i.e. 500ml of concentrate)
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