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Tornador Tools


Sales leader. The device is accepted by car detailing experts, dealerships of major car manufacturers and car enthusiasts.

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Tornador accessories


Professionals recommend the best quality. Using Tornador accessories you can achieve the best results in car detailing and cleaning.

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Tornador Tools


The new Classic Z-010RS, proven values. Car enthusiasts choose exactly this version for their home or garage.

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I have never made a better investment! It was expensive, but totally worth it! I really change the cleaning. Now I have cleaned 8 cars, and 4 of them needed work on the roof fabric.

Jain Belford

It's original and it works! I imitate thoroughly with imitations. I am glad that I felt the difference so strongly after purchasing the OEM device. Now my work is on a whole new level.

Sven Müller

I have been using the Tornador Z-020 together with the Rotador Adapter Z-300 in my service since 2018. Tornador tools are the best tools for business. 100% recommend!

Rudolf Amish
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